Monday, July 26, 2010

5 Days in the Boots of a Horse Trainer

Six of our most advanced riders participated in a clinic from July 19-23 involving many aspects of horse training and care. Participants were assigned two training horses for the week that they were responsible for riding or working with each day. Participants were also expected to manage routine barn care including: feeding, turning out, mucking stalls, watering and sweeping. The ladies also helped out with unloading the hay wagon and dragging the arena with the harrows on the ATV. Activities varied from sidepasses and softening while mounted to ground driving, lungeing, leading, sacking out, saddling and mounting work for the horses with less or no previous mounted training. The horses ranged in ages from 1 yr to 20yrs and included paints, appaloosas, quarter horses, a shetland pony and two halflingers. The girls practiced their trailer loading skills and were witnesses/assitants to the vet while she gelded the yearling colt.
Below are some of the pictures taken throughout the week, as well as the practice "sale pictures" with a few of the horses who participated in the clinic.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weather and HST

Just a quick note to let everyone know that lessons are still a go for this week despite the heat. Inside lesson plans are in place, we can even stay cool in the viewing area for those of us who can't stand the extreme heat (and for the horses sake).

Also a reminder that our prices will remain the same with the introduction of HST. The HST will be absorbed into the current fees, the amount you pay for lessons will NOT change.

Thank you and keep cool!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Surgery and Phone

Thanks to everyone for your support and positivity over the past few weeks. My surgery was June 30th at 10am and I'm pleased to report that all went well!
It was quick and painless. I'm at home resting (or trying to...) for a few days and should be back to teaching on Monday. I'm still unsure of the length of time off I will need from riding, but should have a better idea after the stitches are removed July 12th. The results from the tissue that was taken should be in around that same time frame.
Thanks again for your flexibility and support through all of this!

Please accept my apologies for anyone who has not received a response for any messages sent from June 26th to June 30th. My phone went on the fritz on Friday and I have been unable to retrieve any messages during that timeframe. I have a phone on loan right now and can accept calls, voicemails and text messages. Emails are still accessible from my computer.

Happy Canada Day and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Hayes Horsemanship welcomes South Florida Equestrian Center!

Thursday June 25th marked the start of the first leg of our International Exchange 2010/2011!
Teresa Belanger, coach, trainer and owner of South Florida Equestrian Center, and 6 of her riding enthusiasts participated in the four day long weekend in CANADA!

Riders of all ages and levels of experience enjoyed our "cool" summer weather, great horses and fantastic facility.

Friday night after a long day of riding lessons and a trip to Port Stanley, we relaxed on the hill beside the arena to watch a reining demonstration and Teresa try out a potential show horse "Baylee".

We had to make a little stop to see the momma and baby that were being boarded there temporarily until the mare was re-bred for next year.

Sof made everyone feel right at home back at Briarquest on our second day of lessons. Saturday morning we had been in Strathroy to watch a horse show. We made a quick stop at Crinklaws for some real maple syrup. Later in the evening we dined at the Great Canadian Steakhouse and went to one of our gracious host families homes to make smores at the campfire.

Sunday morning we packed up the rental cars and drove to Niagara Falls for the day. We took a walk down the white water rapids and an unbelieveable ride on the Maid of the Mist. We also checked out the caves behind the falls and a 4D experience illustrating the creation of the falls.

Monday morning we did our last riding lessons. Everyone did a fabulous job in their lessons and made significant improvement over the four days that seemed to fly by. Thanks to our host families and thanks to our gracious guests. We hope to see you soon for the second leg of our exchange when we visit Fort Myers, Florida during March Break 2011!