Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Trial Game...

Here's another game I've heard about that you might like. It seems to be for older users than the Ponystars game, and looks like it could be highly addictive!
"Howrse is a stable simulation game where you breed, train, buy and sell your own horses or ponies as well as run your own Equestrian Center. It’s all free except for buying passes, which uses real money, but you can win passes for free in the game. Passes allow you to buy magical items that will increase your horse’s skills or have another beneficial affect.
In order to advance in this game you pass riding levels. For every riding level you pass more and better features are unlocked to you. To pass riding levels you take quizzes with questions pertaining to horses. There are true and false as well as multiple-choice questions. The questions get harder as you advance in the game. As I stated before, more features become unlocked as you pass riding levels. For example, at level two you can become a groom, but at level eight (the final level) you can become a saddler — the highest paying job on Howrse. At level three you can open your own Equestrian Center etc.
Once you retain your own EC (Equestrian Center) you can host jumping, cross-country, and race competitions. For jumping and cross-country you design the course yourself by laying down obstacles and setting the price and level of the required skills to qualify. You can breed horses to produce the top foals and at level four you can view all sorts of info on genetics in the game and breed status. Depending on what your goal is and how far you are in the game, things can get complicated so for the best information read the help files on the game.
Unfortunately, Howrse is only open to English speaking countries, but it is very enjoyable and definitely my favorite horse sim game out there because of the realism it offers."

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some of my favourite things...

Turn up the volume and call your family into the room for these ones!

Click on this picture to watch one of the Freestyle Dressage Tests from the World Equestrian Games in 2006.

One of my good friends, and a fellow graduate of Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre, sent this to me shortly after the WEG's in 2006. It remains one of my all time favourite videos to watch and to share with students AND colleagues (thanks Lizzie!!).

Click on the picture to view the video.

This video is from the freestyle reining at the All American Quarter Horse Congress also in 2006. This was one of, if not the, FIRST ever patterns performed both bareback and bridleless at congress. The quality of reining isn't nearly as high as the professionals competing WITH tack, but it's pretty darn impressive - believe me, I was there! This video, after being featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show as one of the amazing You tube videos of the week, was the motivation for Ellen to ask Stacy to be on the show. Have a peek on You tube if you are interested in seeing Ellen ride this same horse on her show!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trial Games!

Hey Girls!
Try out this interactive Pony Stars game!
Let me know how you like it, and how well you do caring for, training and competing with your own customized ponies!!
Talk soon,


About Ponystars :
Ponystars is the new online game for everyone who loves ponies! Breed, raise and train your own herd of Ponystars. It's FREE to register & play!

Ponystars are noble & innocent magic ponies who inhabit the Grasslands of Fairy Valley. Six different breeds of Ponystars live peacefully in the valley, watched over by mysterious Fairies. Fairies ensure that all Ponystars, even the Wild Ponystars who roam the Valley Grasslands, free and owned by none, are well cared for.

When you play Ponystars, the Fairies entrust you to collect, keep, train & care for up to 75 Ponystars in your own herd! You can build your herd by breeding and raising adorable baby Ponystars, or by buying and selling your Ponystars.

You can make your Ponystars more beautiful and unique by adding Special Traits! A wide assortment of Manes, Hooves, Brand Marks, Backgrounds, and exciting Coats are available, with new ones added every month. As your talented Ponystars earn Fairy Gold for you in the game, you can use Fairy Gold to buy Special Traits to customize your Ponystars. Other Special Traits can be purchased from the Market Place with Acclaim Coins.

Your Ponystars can also compete with other players in direct Challenges, in Tournaments, and in games, like Ponystar Blackjack. Your Ponystar might be voted the Most Beautiful, or might be recognized for completing the most Quests.

Answer the call to adventure with Ponystar Adventures! You and your able Ponystars will be enlisted to complete exciting and rewarding Quests. Travel to six strange lands, where Ponystars roam free! You might be asked to help Wild Ponystars in need, or to collect lost Fairy Treasures, or to uncover secret Ponystar legends.

Anything can happen, where Fairies reign! The great Grasslands of Fairy Valley are no exception. Mysteries swirl, like morning mist upon the grass, and ancient secrets spring forth with the magic waters of Lake Lumiere...

A Ponystar Adventure awaits you!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Up and running!

Hello! Welcome to my blog!
I'll admit I'm a first-time blogger, just trying to get this all figured out. When I do, keep your eyes and ears out for videos, pictures, links and updates!
If you have experience with blogging and have some advice or suggestions pleeeeeeeaaase feel free to share them. Or if YOU have updates and pictures, suggestions for links let me know! This site is for you guys, so tell me what you want to see up here.
Talk soon!