Monday, June 27, 2011


We're excited to announce that we have grown so much this spring that we've grown right out of our current digs! July 1st we will be making a move (just a hop, skip and jump from our current location) to Bridgecreek Stables.
Bridgecreek Stables is less than 5 minutes away from our current location. From Westdel Bourne you need to head West on Sharon Road (Sharon Road is North of Wesminster Drive and the 402 overpass, and South of Longwoods/HWY 2). Follow Sharon past the Teen Challenge Farm and over the 402. As you come over the bridge you will see the farm on your right. Turn right onto Bells Road and the laneway is on the right.
Bridgecreek offers a lighted, indoor arena, a large tack room, a spacious outdoor arena, trails beside scenic Sharon Creek and a great group of owners and boarders.
We're looking forward to making this transition and will do our best to make things smooth and consistent for our weekly students. Please contact us with any further questions or concerns.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Horse Show Schedule

8:30 Arrival: Fill out entry forms, pick patterns, payment $45 per person (please note that there is a trailer in fee of $10 per horse. Riders bringing their own horses do not pay a "horse" fee) walk patterns and open riding for riders bringing their own horses.
10:00 Stacey Martin Misty
10:10 Lindsey Tapp Promise
10:20 Victoria Gordon J-lo
10:30 Teresa Corrigan Georgia
10:40 Kendall Monden Peanut
10:50 Katie Frost J-lo
11:00 Reece Martin Misty
11:10 Rachel Turner Promise
11:20 Mary Ellyn Karlson Wyatt
11:30 Emily Joudrey J-lo

12:00 Group Picture/Egg N Spoon (for all exhibitors, friends and family - no charge)

12:30-1:30 Lunch Break
We will be offering water and coffee, wraps, sandwiches, granola bars, cupcakes and freezies for sale.
(open arena for riders bringing their own horses)

1:30 Emily Ponte Wyatt
1:40 Olivia Coish J-lo
1:50 Noelle Carey Wyatt
2:00 Rachel Broadfoot Leroy
2:10 Juliana Pierotti J-lo
2:20 Julia Conrad Wyatt
2:30 rider change and warm up
2:40 Shayna Prince Wyatt
2:50 Amy Cantelon Hope
3:00 Julia Cantelon Quicksie

3:30 Ribbons handed out
4:00 Clean up crew

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The First Triple C Saddle Club Show of the Year!

Congratulations to Julia and Quicksie for their 5th place in Down and Back and to Amy and Hope for their 4th place in Keyhole!

Congratulations to Nicole and J-lo for their first place ribbons in the Reining and the Command class, their second place ribbon in Horsemanship and their fourth place in the Western Pleasure Class!

Congratulations to Roscoe and Lindsay for placing first in the Halter, Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Western Riding and Trail classes!

J-lo showing off her side-passing skills.

Roscoe doing his thing.

Congrats to Kendall and Peanut on their third place ribbon in the Walk/Jog class and fourth place ribbon in the Showmanship class!

Congratulations to Steph and Maisie on their third place in the Command class and sixth place in the Western Pleasure class at Maisie's first show!!!

Congratulations to Reece and Misty on their first place ribbon in the Walk/Jog class and third place ribbon in the Showmanship class!

Congratulations to Haley Clarke for her first place ribbons in Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Trail and Pole Bending, her second place ribbons for Barrel Racing, Down and Back and Keyhole with her pony Dusty and her first place ribbon for Showmanship and fourth place ribbon for Command class with her horse Cruise.

Congratulations to Stacey Martin for her first place in Adult Walk/Jog with Misty.

A huge THANK YOU goes to the members of the Triple C Saddle Club who volunteer their time to put together and run such a fun show.

Congratulations Helen and Kevin!! (..and Jackson!)

This is Jackson, a horse that I have been working with for quite some time now. When his owner got engaged over the winter, she knew immediately she would like to have some wedding photography done with her handsome buddy. Knowing that Jackson can be a bit of a handful, it was decided that we would purchase a wedding dress to practice with. Off to Value Village I went and came home with this lacey, feathery dream come true. Jackson continued with his routine workouts while I wore the dress, and we began walking the majority of the property swinging the layers of the dress in the wind with us. In no time Jackson was quite comfortable with the idea. The standardbreds next door were less than impressed.
This past weekend, when it finally came time for Jackson to play his part, he was great! He stood quietly for pictures to be taken with Helen in her dress. He walked politely beside the groom Kevin, who had no horse experience. He even stood like a champ in the long grass while Helen climbed aboard and walked around.
Congratulations to the bride and groom, and thank you for inviting us to be a part of this special time in your lives.
These were some sneak peaks the photographer (Heather from HRM Photography) posted for us...

What's the Hold Up?!

Dear, sweet Coconut has officially hit "that awkward stage". She's shedding her foal coat and looks to be a different colour underneath. We haven't forgotten about voting on registered names, we're just waiting to see what colour she looks like she's going to be before we make our choices! Stay tuned...

Thanks to everyone who came out to meet Coconut and brought food donations. We raised another 72 lbs of food for the London Food Bank!

For those of you who weren't able to make it, here is a picture of the donkey that was born at the farm who ALMOST stole the show from Coconut.