Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Anyone have $1.3 Million? CLICK HERE!

The tour for this beautiful facility was sent to my email with a request to post on my website for potential buyers. Have a peak when you get a chance, it's pretty spectacular!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Directions to Roping Day!

Hi All!
The address for the Roping event is 8386 Observatory Drive. The barn entrance is actually right off Clarke Road.
If you are coming from the West end of town the best route is to take Wonderland Road North. It ends at Elginfield Road/HWY 7. You will need to turn right and follow Elginfield Road through Elginfield (set of lights and a gas station). Look for Clarke Road (after Adelaide and Highbury) and turn left onto Clarke. The farm is the first farm you see on the left, you actually pass Observatory Road and look for the horse trailers parked on the other side of the arena.

You could also take Hyde Park Road, Richmond, Adelaide, Highbury or Clarke Road all the way out from London, depending on where you are coming from.

Remember the event starts at 10:30am, ends at 1pm. From Oxford Street, it takes about 35mins to get out to the farm. Please bring old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.....really dirty!!! Leather riding gloves or cotton gloves/liners would also do the job. Your hands will get pretty sore with the ropes if you don't wear gloves.

Payment of $25 per person can be made at the door! See you then!