Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Registered Name Suggestions

Here is a sample of what Coco's registration papers would have for pedigree information.
When choosing a registered name, the owner/breeder has the choice of which names of sires and dams they would like to use.
It is common to choose bits and pieces of the most commonly known names. For example, Coco's paternal grandmother, Genzana, was named partly after her sire genuine Doc, and partly after her mother, Zan Parr Jetta (Gen+Zana).
It is also common for the owner/breeder to name the horse after a specific characteristic that the foal may display within it's first few hours or days. For example, Hollywood Dun It would get "Hollywood' from his sire, and the "Dun" part from his colouring (he was a buckskin coloured dun).
If you take a look at (Peanut) Smart Like Jac's sire, there is one name in brackets. The formal registration papers that a horse has for identification would be it's American Quarter Horse Association papers. If the horse was a Paint, it would be it's American Paint Horse Association papers. In this case, the horse is a quarter horse and registered under the name Sugar Bar Buckaroo. The horse was also shown with the National Reining Horse Association where a competition license is required. Most owners choose to have the same name on both papers but in this case, the horse was named Jac Be Quick for it's NRHA competition.
Larger breeding operations often opt to include their intitials or brand in the name, (ie. HH Coconut Jac, HH could stand for Hayes Horsemanship and/or be the brand). The initials and brand serve as an advertisement wherever the horse is seen or wherever the name is announced.
Sometimes a foal can be named something totally different than it's sire and dam, grandsires and granddams. Often times, popular celebrities, song lyrics or movies are incorporated into the names. Owners can get quite creative with their name choices and turn them into a play on words.
When applying for a registration, the name choice must be 20 characters or less including spaces, and with no punctuation. The application paper has space for 6 name choices listed by priority from one to six. If none of the name choices are suitable, or if they are all in use, AQHA will name the foal.

The FUN Part:
We are looking for name suggestions!
Remember: 20 characters or less, preferably a name that is derived from one or more names on the pedigree chart or specific to Coco's colour and characteristics.

So, make your suggestions, and we will check to verify whether or not they have been used already. We will have a vote to find the top six choices which will be sent out on the registration application. From there, we will have to wait anxiously for AQHA to send back the official papers and reveal the official name choice!

Suggestions so far:

Dun it Quick and Perfect (will have to be modified, exceeds 20 characters) DunItQwikNPerfect

Dun it Smart and Perfect (see above) DunItSmartNPerfect

Jac Dun it (not available)

Cracker Jac Dun It (not available)

Dun It Like I'm Smart (see above - no punctuation) Dun It Like Im Smart


Gens Smart Like That

Jacked up on Jac

Cracker Jac Smartie

Smart Like CrackerJac

Genz Gone and Dun it

Coconut Jac

Been There Dun That (not available)

You Don't Know Jac (not available)

Lightly Dun (not available)

Git R Dun (not available)

Zebra Jac

Jac Dun It Perfect

Hollywood Jac It

Dun Smart

*Names marked with, "not available," are names that have been taken already in the AQHA database.

Tell us your name suggestions and we will post all of them on this page as well as on our facebook page.

Happy Naming!

Monday, April 11, 2011

And the name choice is...

Thanks to everyone who voted and suggested names for Peanut's baby last week and over the weekend. The final tally was 32 voted for ButterCup and 67 for Coconut. Coconut it is! Celebrate with us at the lesson barn during weekly lessons with Coconut Chocolate Logs and Peanut Butter Balls! Pedigree for registered name suggestions still to come...

Friday, April 8, 2011


Just a heads up to horse owners and horse care takers that the vets in the London area are overwhelmed with the number of colic in horses right now. For those of you with horses please be extra careful over the next few weeks and especially this weekend. Remember that any change in temperature more than 10 degrees is very stressful for the horses. Many horses haven't had good quality of turn out and mobility over the past few weeks due to the mud, ice and snow. Although we will be inclined to turn into "Weekend Warriors", (a term used for horse and rider combinations that don't get much exercise the rest of the week and then work out too hard on the weekend) with this heat wave, remember that your horses are already under an enormous amount of stress with the change in weather. Some things to keep in mind: - An extra water bucket hung in your horses stall isn't much trouble and helps ensure your horse doesn't run out of fresh, clean water before you get a chance to refill it -The warm weather can be used for other things than long rides, which will be stressful for your horse. Use the warm weather to give your horse some grooming attention and to clean your tack -Take your horse for a walk in hand rather than a trail ride and check for holes and debris that may have collected on the trails over the winter -Mineral Oil can be found at most pharmacies and grocery stores and is an inexpensive but crucial part of your first aid kit

No Name

Thanks everyone for your name suggestions! We are down to two final names based on the suggestions we've had and the votes on those suggestions on the website (here), on our Facebook page, and in person during lessons this week. The two final barn name choices are: Butter Cup (as in Peanut Butter Cup) and Coconut ("Coco" for short). Please let us know your oted before the end of the day TODAY! We hope to have a name for the little one by the weekend! We will post the pedigree for those of you putting together suggestions for registered names. Please note that names will have to be checked against the AQHA registry. We will take the top six name suggestions. Thanks again!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And then there were TWO!

Sunday late morning, only hours after Peanut had given birth to her filly, Peppy gave birth to a colt!

The video above is of his first steps...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Name suggestions

We're looking for barn name suggestions and registered name suggestions. So far the barn name suggestions have been:




Brazil Nut

P2 (Peanut 2)


Lacey Shades








Have another suggestion or a suggestion for a registered name? Let us know!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Still Nothin'

A little bit more milk dripping now...over the weekend would be ideal, Peanut.